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Building letters

The greatest advantage of Narrow Ads and Signs Chennai channel/building letters is their versatility. Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of clients, producing channel letters for a variety of businesses and organizations. Whether you're looking for the perfect sign for a store, hotel, beauty salon, or bar, or you're searching for the perfect signage for a cinema, bowling alley, or bank, we can help you. In addition to creating products, we also offer a comprehensive service that includes design, fabrication, and installation. Using our creative flair and originality, we can make new signs or work on existing designs or logos. Your brand needs to catch the attention of customers and grab their attention.


At Narrow Ads and Signs Chennai, we create stunning business signs, but we don't stop there. You can also count on us to install them. From the moment you lay eyes on your iridescent sign shining bright on the front of your store, to the moment you are satisfied with the final product, we cater to every part of the project. For any installation project, we have a fleet of vehicles and a team of highly skilled and experienced employees. You can put your trust in us for crane installation projects to smaller, wall-mounted signs.


After your sign is complete, and you're 100% satisfied with the design, our team will work with you to determine a time for installation, planning ahead to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day of installation. Our team will take care of all the electrical aspects of your new business signs, and we won't leave until they are perfectly installed.



There's fierce competition out there, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed. At Narrow Ads and Signs Chennai we can get your business noticed by using channel letters. Our custom signs turn heads, promote your brand, and ultimately help you attract clients and customers. Among the benefits of our building mounted signs are:

  • At high foot traffic areas, having signs that stand out can make all the difference in attracting passing customers. Your sign might be seen by hundreds or thousands of people each week. Your sign should intrigue and impress everyone who sees it.
  • You can make finding your restaurant, bar, or store easy for your clients.
  • Promote your brand and help customers understand what you're offering and how it could be beneficial to them.
  • Make a great first impression
  • We have LED channel letters that can display your brand 24-hours a day, even after you've shut down and turned off your internal lights.

You should make sure that every potential customer forms a positive impression of your business when they see your wall-mounted exterior sign. First impressions are made within seconds, and we can ensure that you never have to rely on a second chance. Regardless of your logo or design, we can turn it into a remarkable, distinctive sign for your business with our smart, well-built signs.


Are you on the lookout for new exterior signs for your business, or is your existing signage looking a little tired? Contact Narrow Ads and Signs Chennai today! In order to better understand your project, we can discuss some ideas and tell you more about our brilliant channel letter building signs.