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LED Sign Board

Your Brand Can Be Accentuated by LED Sign Boards


The LED sign board offered by Narrow Ads and Signs Chennai is primarily made of ACP board with embossed acrylic and lit with high quality LEDs

Different designs can be implemented based on your needs.

  • Channel Letter
  • Box Lettering
  • Illumination on a signboard

With over (number of years) of experience, we have become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality products like neon signs, sign boards, LED signs, and much more in Chennai.

LED signs have the following benefits:

LEDs are energy-efficient, which will save you money. LEDs have a 90% energy efficiency advantage over fluorescent lights and an 80% advantage over neon lights when compared to other lighting systems. In the end, LED lighting will save more money than fluorescent and neon lighting the longer it operates.

LEDs are solid state devices with a high level of durability. No special packaging is required, so there is no risk of damage during transport. During transportation, neon and fluorescent lights, on the other hand, need special handling and packaging.

LEDs operate at low temperatures thanks to semiconductor technology. Temperature regulation is necessary to allow semiconductors to last a long time. However, the temperatures are too low for an individual to be burned. The light is therefore much safer than incandescent and halogen, both as a fire hazard and for blazing a person.

LEDs have the longest operating lives of any lighting technology currently available on the market. Furthermore, 99% of the LEDs have a 99% reliability factor, meaning they will last over 12 years when operated at 10 hours per day all year round. You probably won't need to replace your LEDs until you change your sign.

Maintenance free operation - No routine maintenance is required to ensure continued performance, preventing missed maintenance and reducing costs.

A LED's long lifespan eliminates lamp disposal issues, and no resources are used in routine maintenance.

Simple Installation - Anyone who has basic mechanical or electrical experience can install a well-engineered LED system. In contrast to neon and fluorescent systems, which require highly trained technicians or specialists to install.

Our LEDs are extremely weather-resistant and waterproof. They can also be submerged under water. They have also proven to be reliable in harsh environments. Since many years, LED outdoor signboards have been used in extreme temperatures and high temperatures. Additionally, LEDs can operate at low voltages DC, thereby reducing fire and shock hazards.

We can help you create a unique, eye catching sign that will grab the attention of new and existing customers alike.