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A Backlit Glow Signboard Will Attract Attention

Whether in the busy streets of Chennai or the hippest malls in India, catching the attention of the preoccupied crowd is no easy task! This is not the case anymore!

You can't ignore the irresistible allure of the glow sign boards! You can't back away from them! Driving traffic and boosting sales is done in a blink of an eye with this tool.

These 3D metal cuboids are illuminated with tube lights and reinforced with metal sheets that will give you a competitive edge! Colours can be added to the display and the light diffusion techniques can be used to enhance the effect.

With Narrow Ads and Signs Chennai, you can brand your products and services the right way with single-sided backlit boxes, single-sided boards on poles, single-/double-sided hanging boxes, as well as double-sided lollipop signs. The best way to advertise indoors or outdoors is with backlit signage!

To name a few, ACP panels are made of wood, fibre, plastic composites, glass, and ceramics. Building facades can be easily enhanced with ACP paneling if used properly!